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Special for young photographers

Friendly online advice and help

Support with your first steps in photography such as:

  • camera and lens selection
  • the basic of composition
  • selection of objects and their lighting
  • camera setup
  • using of flash
  • shooting indoors and out
  • images correction and digital post-processing
  • photo archiv management
  • your first website

If you need any support please send your message here and describe your problem.


        Buy and download photos                                              Fotos kaufen und herunterladen

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Download images for canvas, smartphone or                Bilder für Leinwand, Smartphone oder kreatives Projekt

creative project                                                                             herunterladen

Download pictures for privet and commercial use       Bilder zum privaten und kommerziellen Gebrauch herunterladen

Creative cooperation and help with your first steps    Kreative Zusammenarbeit und Hilfe bei Ihren ersten Schritten